News: Human Superman Flies Under the Arms of Christ

Human Superman Flies Under the Arms of Christ

Wingsuits are an invention of the Gods. Why? Because they give human beings incredible superhuman powers. First in the gallery below, a compilation of world renown daredevil Jeb Corliss' most amazing jumps. Second, Jeb's epic flight under the arms of Rio's gigantic Jesus Christ.

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I envy those brave enough to do that.

That is insane. I wonder how many attempts it took him

its danm cool but i wonder how he lands though lol ;)

Looks like he's got a parachute to pull for when he starts getting close to the ground. But man... that would be so much fun!

Yeah, i was wondering the same thing. Yet I'm curious...

sure fun and high adrenalin (i love that)...
but he is much too fast to open the parachute...might imbalance him

what is this song called??

first video- The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

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