Hot Gliding How-Tos

How To: Barrel roll in a wingsuit

This new and way more extreme form of BASE jumping involves a modified jumpsuit that makes you into a human airfoil. Called a squirrel suit or bird suit, this new sport is as close as man has got to flying. The barrel roll is a sweet stunt that involves a huge level of control and skill. Reach terminal velocity pretty easily in a jump.

How To: Pack a skydiving parachute using the psycho method

A brief video that illustrates parachute packing using the 'psycho method'. Part 1 of 2 shows the steps of; Sorting the 9 cells, slider, stabelisers, wrapping of the tail, flipping the pack job on its back, untwisting d-bag and cocking the pilot chute. Part 2 illustrates the final stages of the pack job called the 'psycho method'. These steps include; Making sure the pilot chute is cocked, roling the left 4 cells left, the other 4 cells right,the9th cell position, slider adjusting or 'pouting...

How To: Sail a kite wing on snow or ice

This is a kitewing sailing complete instructional video. This kite is set up to fly on snow and ice. Kites can be used to kite surf, windsurf, and kiteboard on sand, dirt or water. This is not a standard kite like that in windsurfing or kiteboarding, but closer to the hang gliding style.

How To: Base Jump, Skydive, & Fly Like a Bird in a Wingsuit

This is a series of videos on wingsuit flying techniques, varying from basic flocking maneuvers to advanced aerobatics. Wingsuit flying is a type of skydiving or controlled falling, and on thing you'll learn in this series is that upfloating is the technique of raising your legs to deflect the wind and rise upward. Also learn how to barrel roll, front loop, backfly, dock, increase forward speed, and control speed.

How To: Fly a powered paraglider trike

This video series is a must for anyone thinking of paragliding at all but especially powered paragliding. Our expert, Hugh Murphy, is the owner of his own para gliding company and he will walk you through every aspect of a powered paragliding trike from getting into the harness properly to how to stand up with the motor attached to your back to how to take off and land.

How To: Paraglide

In this video series, Patrick Eaves shows you how to get started in paragliding. Remember, it's important to find an actual instructor to supplement anything you learn here.

How To: Fold a paraglider

Mr. Kagayama demonstrates how to fold a paraglider. He shows your how to avoid bending the profiles in leading edge. This will allow you to fold it yourself, without help, even in a windy day.

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